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Why It's Critical for Your Hospitality Company

The hospitality industry is more competitive than ever, and studies indicate by 2025, over 80% of all sales conversations will take place on a digital platform. Our training will equip your team to:

  • Boost Sales: Convert more leads into loyal customers and turn every guest into a brand advocate.

  • Maximize Revenue: Optimize pricing, upsell opportunities, and revenue management to ensure your profitability soars.

  • Stay Competitive: In a digital age, staying ahead is vital. We empowers your team with the latest tools and techniques.

  • Meet Celeste

    The visionary leader who is transforming hospitality companies from old-school sales methods into modern sales powerhouses. Her expertise isn't just invaluable; it's critical for your company's growth.

    Why Celeste?

    Modern Expertise.

    Celeste isn't just a trainer; she's a sales virtuoso. With over nineteen years of experience in the ever-evolving hospitality industry, she's at the forefront of modern sales techniques and strategies.

    Tailored Solutions:

    Celeste doesn't believe in one-size-fits-all. Her approach is as unique as your brand, crafting customized training programs that resonate with your team and customers.

    Proven Results:

    Celeste's track record speaks for itself. Companies that have embraced her training have witnessed unparalleled revenue growth, improved guest satisfaction, and soaring profitability.

    Adaptable Training

    In a rapidly changing world, adaptability is key. Celeste's training evolves with the industry, ensuring your team stays ahead of the curve.

    The Future of Hospitality Sales is NOW!


    Don't leave your success to chance.

    Join hands with Celeste, the industry’s most modern hospitality sales trainer who understands your challenges, knows your goals, and can guide you toward unparalleled success. Whether that is a team training on modernizing your sales approach, or a keynote speaking engagement at your next conference, it’s time to embark on a journey of modernizing hospitality sales teams.

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    Solutions That Drive Real Results

    OPTION #1

    LinkedIn Sales Training &

    In Person or Virtual

    Bring your teams up to speed with the skills and resources needed to excel in modern sales with our fleet of training services. From in-person training to virtual training, we have solutions to ensure your teams can amplify their opportunities.


    Select from a half-day intensive, or 4 1-hour sessions over the course of a month.


    Best suited for: Sales Team Members, Sales Leadership, Above Property Leadership and General Managers - teams up to 30 ppl.

    OPTION #2

    Team Shops + 75 minute LinkedIn Implementation On-Demand Workshop

    Remember shop calls? This is the Digital shop! Hospitality teams are scoring an average of 38/100 when it comes to using the world’s largest CRM - LinkedIn. Sales teams have to have a competitive advantage online in today’s modern selling environment.


    This in-depth shop call will score your team based on a 100% scale and give them a roadmap to implement change.


    In addition, your team will receive an on-demand workshop that walks through step by step how to optimize a profile, best practices for engagement and community building, the basics of content creation, and, how to create prospecting lists with ease - without having to have Sales Navigator.


    Best suited for individual sales teams.

    OPTION #3

    Hospitality Sales Edge Keynotes

    When was the last time you brought in a modern-day seller to speak to your teams? One who is using the tools and experience to catapult visibility and turn connections into sales conversations and revenue?


    These bespoke Keynote presentations will ensure your team walks away with actionable steps to ignite their sales edge. Education and Entertainment all in one with these keynotes.


    Keynotes are 60 minutes long and best for brand conferences as the tips and topics covered can be implemented by General Managers, VPs, Brand Leaders, Sales Team Members and anyone in a recruiting seat.



    "Resonates with Sales Leaders"

    " When I was looking to launch a bespoke sales and leadership program, I knew she (Celeste) would be the right partner. Celeste is highly collaborative and accommodating as the project evolved several times. In addition to being an excellent facilitator and listener, she resonates with sales leaders thanks to her expertise and experience."

    Whitney K. - Brand Performance, Hilton
    "Astonished at Results"

    "I engaged with Celeste to train my sales team on how to more effectively use LinkedIn as a networking tool. Celeste and did a great job of giving the information in bite sized pieces so the team could absorb the information. We surveyed the team's scores before and after and the results were astonishing.

    Celeste opened a new door for each of the sellers that will absolutely help them in their professional life!"

    Ross H - VP North Americas, Radisson Hote Group (Retired)
    "Blown Away"

    I had the privilege of attending a company conference where Celeste was the trainer and moderator. I was blown away by her enthusiasm, knowledge and energy. She was purposeful and thoughtful in her delivery of the training, stayed on topic, yet giving everyone a chance to participate. I would absolutely recommend Celeste to any company seeking a smart, poised yet warm, trainer who cares about your team and your work. I hope to attend another one of Celeste's training in the future!

    Marina G, CMP - Hospitality Sales Professional

    Celeste, a self-proclaimed “Sales Growth Strategist” is a natural collaborator and partner to executives who easily pinpoint gaps in strategy and creates road maps to implement plans and achieve targets. Passionate about creating cross-functional collaboration, team development, and delivering results across top-performing teams.

    Celeste has over twenty-one (21) years of experience within the non-profit and for-profit arenas; holding both a B.S. and M.S. degree. In her last corporate role, Celeste held the position of Regional Director of Sales and Marketing for a privately held hospitality management company overseeing 19 properties, a sales team of 50+, and $105M in annual sales.

    Her accolades include the Director of Sales of the Year award, 2x Manager of the Year, and being named 40 under 40 for the Triad Business Journal. Celeste also holds a certified sales designation from Marriot International and in 2023 was named one of the Top 15 LinkedIn Experts in Denver by Influence + Digest.

    In early 2020, Celeste branched out on her own to scale a female-owned consulting and training business and has worked alongside brands such as Hilton, Aimbridge, BBL Hospitality, BH Hotel Group, Gaylord Hotels, and Raddison Hotel Group to name a few.

    Celeste holds the designation of Certified Gap Selling Training Partner with a Sales Growth Company and the Gap Selling Methodology. Celeste resides in Colorado with her husband and daughter

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    "The Sales Edge," the podcast exclusively designed for B2B sales professionals seeking to excel in the rapidly evolving business landscape.

    Join us as we delve into engaging interviews with industry experts, thought leaders, and seasoned professionals who possess invaluable insights into the world of B2B sales.

    In each episode, we explore the dynamic nature of B2B sales and uncover the latest trends, strategies, and transformations that are reshaping the industry.



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    What types of training programs do you offer?

    Bespoke Sales Training for Teams in the form of Online Webinars, in-person-half day and full-day workshops, as well as Conference Speaking Engagements.

    Do you offer customized training?

    Yes! No two teams are the same just like no two problems teams are facing are the team. I do a careful diagnostic with you to determine gaps so we can curtail the training/workshop or speaking engagement and address these problems and impacts on your organization.

    What are the costs associated with the training programs?

    Without knowing the desired outcome and identifying gaps, I am not able to quote a time. I first have to understand the scope of work, and desired outcomes and know more about your team. Trainings are based on industry averages and after our first few calls, I will have a better understanding of costs through a recommendation.

    Do you offer customized training?

    I am and will continue to be an active seller and content creator. Daily, I prospect and build a pipeline, run discovery calls, and hone sales processes. This allows me to stay up to date with what sellers face in today's digital environment. Many trainers are far removed from the day-to-day selling process / online environment and therefore what they are teaching is (in my opinion) stale.

    How do you measure if the training works?

    Training doesn't stick unless it is sticky. Unlike check-the-box training, I ensure your team has takeaways and work with the leadership group for post-training accountability and enablement. Most small group trainings allow for statistics to be gathered pre- and post-training so leadership teams can measure growth.

    How do we know if our team is right for your services?

    If your team is losing business, seeing a decline in sales, is not adding to the pipeline, has inaccurate forecasting, and is discounting to win business, that is a good indication that the sales training I provide may help.

    What is your specialty?

    With a background in hospitality, I know exactly what it is like to be not only in a seller's seat but also in a leadership role both on property and at the Regional level. Coupled with my certification as a Gap Selling Training Partner, I am able to easily diagnose gaps within your organization and then make recommendations. Building confidence, overcoming imposter syndrome, prospecting, and building a sales culture are topics I present on as well.

    Celeste Berke - Sales Training & Coaching

    Denver, CO 


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